Lead designer and concrete maker Isaac Tucker has over 10 years experience in luxury concrete creations, previously working for 5 years with Kayode Concrete before embarking on his own projects for clients.

He says, “I have made all kinds of polished concrete items, from my trademark kitchen countertops, through to whole kitchen installations, wet rooms, fireplace hearths, window sills, splash backs and even concrete bathtubs to outdoor furniture, pizza ovens and BBQs.”

2015 is proving a great year so far as our job “Roman Road Extension project” has been shortlisted into the finals of the 2015 RIBA AWARDS, in which I was

commissioned to do all the concrete work and consult with Studio Gil Architects on how to make the complicated designs a reality.

See “concrete house” on the link below


Terms & Conditions

  • Appearance

    Any sample provided is to be seen as a guide and not a guarantee of the final products appearance.
Due to the nature of  concrete, manufacturing, curing and finishing processes each item produced will be unique and individual in appearance. Efforts will be made to produce continuity for items of a single project or order where applicable. Variations in product appearance and colour, hair line crazing, flecking, pitting, dappling and texture are considered to be part of the natural beauty of the material and are not seen as defects. 
Slurry filling of voids or bubbles is normal. In situations where efflorescence has occurred and is not wanted, efforts will be made to remove the mineral deposits.

The use of sealers to protect the surface does not constitute a guarantee that the surface will not stain/etch or allow liquids to penetrate. 

Sealers are used to help prevent staining and liquid penetration by providing the client time to clean away staining material. It is the client’s responsibility to remain diligent in the removal of possible stain causing or penetrating substances.
Bleach is not recommended to clean on our sealers.It is also recommended that work tops are resealed periodically in proportion to usage, wear and tear.



    Payment terms for products require a 60% non-returnable deposit at the time of order. Final payment of the remaining 40% is to be made (and cleared) on or prior to the date of delivery, and satisfactory installation. Payment in cash is possible with prior agreement.

Interest of not more than 10% APR of the total unpaid amount may be added to the bill at the beginning of each month after the lapsed payment date.


    Site access

    Parking (or parking permits) to be provided on or close to site where required. Standard local parking or Congestion fees are to be met by the client if applicable.


    Templating and fitting

    Deposits must be paid and cleared prior to templating.

All surface areas in need of templating should be cleared, have clear surrounding access, be of sound construction and at the proposed final height of the surface.

    It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that all specific details such as size of overhangs, angles, positions of knock-outs for hobs, sinks, taps etc. are clearly understood by a representative on site and are reflected in the position and construction of units/carcasses on site. The provision of accurate drawings prior to templating is highly recommended.

Manufacturer’s templates or specific dimensions for all knock-outs are to be provided at the time of templating.

Unskilled assistance may be required subject to the project.

Duration for templating varies according to the project, it is the clients responsibility to ensure the site remains open until templating is completed.


    Solid state-bespoke concrete solutions ltd

    Company registration number 07714308

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